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Let's go to college!


Dear Middle School Students, 

It is NEVER too early to prepare for college. In fact, if you start preparing now you will be in much better shape to go to college by the time you are in high school! So what can you do now? Follow our steps to success below and you will be ready for the road to college! 

Good Luck, 

Cal-SOAP Staff



You need to be able to read and write well in high school, college, your job, and life. Reading does not have to be boring. There are so many different kinds of books on so many different topics. Here are some of our recommendations. Middle School Reading List.




Explore Colleges


Private Colleges in San Diego​​

Community Colleges in San Diego


Develop Good Study Habits                                                          

  • Go to Class! Be on time!

  • Do Your Homework

  • Learn to Be More Organized

  • Learn to Manage Your Time Better

  • Study Hard (and you will get good grades!)







Explore Careers




    Look for the Careers and Majors page. When you click on the career of your choice, scroll down to the "Make High School Count" heading to read what you can start doing now.


    Go to the Reality Check to see how much money you will be spending once you finish college. Find which jobs in your favorite industry will give you enough money to maintain your lifestyle!


    Oriented specifically for teens, learn about specific jobs, the steps to take to get the job, and the future outlook for the jobs.


Other Websites

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