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Choosing a college or university is an important and complicated decision. Many factors contribute to the process but the important thing is to find a place where you are both comfortable and motivated to do your best. Consider the following factors regarding a college/university's atmosphere and your suitability. 


  • Does the college offer a good program in your major/area of interest?

  • Is the faculty qualified, friendly, and supportive?

Admissions Requirements

Which specific high school subjects, grade point average, and entrance test(s) are required?

When are the applications deadlines?

Geographic Location

How close is it to snow, surf, or smog? Is it located in a metropolitan or rural area?

How far is it from home? Will travel costs present a problem?

Type & Size

Is it a coeducational, or a men's or women's college?

Is it a church-related or faith-based institution? Does this matter to you?

How big is the college? What is the size of the freshman class?

How large are the classes? What is the student to teacher ratio?

Costs &

Financial Aid

How much does the institution cost to attend per year? Request information about tuition, fees, campus housing, books and supplies, transportation, etc.)

Is financial aid available? (More expensive schools usually offer a larger amount of financial aid.)


Does the campus guarantee residential facilities?

Are there restrictions on off-campus housing for freshmen?

What is dorm life like? Are residence halls coed?

Are classes primarily in-person or online?

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